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3 Commercial Plumbing Upgrades to Invest in This Spring Season

There is a strong correlation between upgrades and the financial success of your business. We firmly believe that the upgrades made to your commercial plumbing system are critical for saving energy, time, and money. The following information from JW’s Plumbing Services clearly emphasizes the necessity and lists places where you can make such upgrades.

Low-Flow Toilet for Low Utility Bill

Merely making posters to save water isn’t the key to success in water conservation. As you gather information about cost-cutting strategies, you will have a few ideas, but to make any strategy really work, you need to do your due diligence and evaluate the positive aspects of those ideas. That’s where low-flow toilets come in. With more than 50% of your business water consumption arising from the toilet, opting for a low flow toilet will put you in the right direction. There are many modern models available, and the amount of water required to flush in these toilets is a lot less compared to standard versions.

Generally speaking, the main difference between a standard toilet and a low-flow toilet is in the design. Low-flow toilets have a deeper bowl in the front, a larger valve, and a centralized drain. These toilets use 4.8 liters less water than the standard models. A pressured-assisted toilet uses pressure to force the waste down the drain, further reducing the water amount.

Insulation for Pipe Protection

If you are going to invest in plumbing this spring, you need to decide on which component it might be. Most commercial property owners prefer to upgrade plumbing pipes with proper insulation. If done correctly, it can add many years to your commercial plumbing system, particularly during the coldest months in Indianapolis, IN. Instead of letting the pipes freeze and possibly burst in cold weather, invest in insulation, and it can go a long way in reversing these processes and protecting plumbing pipes.

On-Demand Hot Water With a Tankless Water Heater

Many commercial properties need hot water on a regular basis. Businesses use hot water for production, cleaning, showering, and other purposes. Unlike the standard water heaters where reheating and retaining water take place throughout the day, tankless systems are designed to deliver hot water only when it is required. Therefore, upgrading bulky water heaters to energy-efficient tankless versions makes sense in every way.

The onset of the spring season is actually the right opportunity for commercial owners to upgrade their plumbing systems. Because this is a delicate job, we suggest that you take a professional opinion and help in this area from a reliable company like ours. We offer plumbing service around the clock, and our contractors are licensed and insured to provide quality workmanship. What you learn and experience through us will be invaluable and pay dividends throughout the ownership of your property.