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Water Treatment in Indianapolis, IN

Water is a necessity of life. Unfortunately, not all water supplies are as safe and clean as they once were. Many cities struggle to provide water free of contaminants, so it is getting harder and harder to trust the safety of the tap water in the homes across the Indianapolis, IN area. Homeowners concerned about their home’s water purity are turning to JW’s Plumbing to provide solutions using Indianapolis, IN water filtration, treatment, and softeners.

As a locally owned and operated family business, the professionals at JW’s Plumbing are well aware of the potential health hazards of contaminated water. And we want to help you ensure that the water in your home is as safe for your children as the water we are providing for our families. Call (317) 751-2995 to schedule an appointment at your home to test your water, determine if it is contaminated, and learn what we can do to correct the problem.

Potential Hazards In Your Water

Almost every day, a new story surfaces about another chemical spill or discovery of illegally dumped chemicals that are now contaminating a water supply. Then there are the cities with ancient water lines that contaminate the community’s water with lead or other metal particulates. Even fuel spills have been known to leech into the groundwater and contaminated city water supplies. If you have concerns about any contaminants in your home’s water, call (317) 751-2995 immediately for an in-home water evaluation.

For quality water treatment in Indianapolis, IN, call JW’s Plumbing at (317) 751-2995 today!

Specific Indications That You Need Water Treatment

Many homeowners assume that if their water comes from the city, it must be safe. However, no filtration or treatment facility in any city is perfect. In addition, some issues could be occurring in your home that are lowering the quality of your drinking water. For example, old water lines and leaks in the piping can account for metal contamination and debris in the water.

The four most common indications that you should be concerned about your water quality include:

ANY ODOR – Pure water should have no odor at all. Even water that has a clear appearance can have an odd odor which is an indication of contamination. The two most common complaints that our experts hear are that the water smells like rotten eggs or metal. While both of these are very unappetizing, the causes are very different. The odor of rotten eggs is also associated with sulfur, while several types of contamination can cause a metallic smell. Unless you have your water tested for purity, you have no way of knowing if consuming the water could result in long-term and severe health issues for you and your loved ones.

BAD TASTE – Pure water has no noticeable taste. It should only be refreshing. If you find that your water now has a bitter, metallic, or salty taste, it is time to call (317) 751-2995. Our Indianapolis, IN water treatment specialist will come to your home and test the water to determine exactly what is contaminating it and causing the odd flavor. With that information, we can recommend the proper water filtration or Indianapolis, IN water softener to eliminate the bad taste and protect your loved one's health.

STAINING – Pure water does not leave any particles or staining on hard surfaces, clothing, or your body. If you have noticed that your water is leaving a residue, stain, or discoloring items you are washing, call (317) 751-2995 for professional water analysis. Our experts will determine what is causing the staining and the type of filtration or water treatment needed to eliminate the issue.

WHITE BUILD-UP – If you notice a white build-up on water fixtures that feels almost like chalk, the problem is excessive mineral content in your water. And though this is not a health risk, it does lead to other serious concerns for your plumbing, skin, and hair. All water contains some trace amounts of minerals. However, if your water is very high in minerals, it can leave deposits inside your water lines and fixtures. Eventually, the mineral deposits will damage and destroy both pipes and fixtures. The other downside to this mineral-rich water is that it dries out your skin and hair. In most cases, homeowners begin to notice dry, itchy skin and very brittle hair when constantly bathing in hard water. Our pros will provide you with a free price quote for one of our Indianapolis, IN water softeners to remove the excess minerals and eliminate the white build-up and drying of your skin and hair.

As a consumer, you place a great deal of faith in your water supplier. But when you discover any issues, it is essential that you call (317) 751-2995 immediately. Some water contamination issues cause severe health issues which could become life-threatening for young children and the elderly. The JW’s Plumbing team will test your home’s water and provide you with affordable solutions to any purity or quality issues.

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