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Water Heater Repair and Replacement in Indianapolis, IN

Homeowners in the Indianapolis, IN area often forget that a single piece of equipment supplies their home with much-needed hot water. But the moment their water heater stops delivering that warm and pleasing water, they are acutely aware of its contribution to their comfort. Sometimes it takes a cold shower to understand the value, or other times, the homeowner gets off with just a puddle of water on the floor. But the result is a moment of panic when you worry about whom to call for professional Indianapolis, IN water heater repair.

For years, community members have been entrusting their Indianapolis water heaters and hot water needs to the team of licensed plumbers at JW’s Plumbing. Our seasoned experts have the hands-on experience you want for a repair or Indianapolis, IN water heater installation. And our pledge to every customer is a free estimate and complete warranty on all of our very reasonably priced services. So call (317) 751-2995 at the first indication of a problem with your home’s water heater, and we will do our best to eliminate the need for you to suffer through a cold shower.

Why Did Your Water Heater Fail?

In the summertime, a cool shower can feel refreshing. However, when the Chinook wind is whipping the temperature to below zero, you need hot water at your fingertips. When you discover there is no hot water in your home, you are sure the water heater is to blame. And in most cases, you are correct. But it is essential to understand that there could be any number of issues stopping your water heater from performing its essential job. Some of the most common culprits include:
These are just a few of the issues that could be to blame for your lack of hot water. But the critical fact to gather from this is that the skilled professionals at JW’s Plumbing can fix many of these common issues and have your hot water restored very quickly.

Other Water Heater Issues

You might be shocked to learn that you could face other issues with your water heater besides having no hot water. In most cases, these mechanical devices do not simply fail like the flip of a switch. Instead, over time, their performance degrades. And you will be able to notice subtle changes in your home’s hot water.

Some of the issues that you could discover include:

All of these are signs of a problem that is most likely related to your home’s water heater. A call to (317) 751-2995 at the first indication of trouble is best to avoid having no hot water or a costly repair bill. When addressed quickly, most minor water heater repairs in Indianapolis, IN can be completed in a single visit and very affordably.

When To Think Replacement Not Repair?

The age of your water heater is often the deciding factor when comparing Indianapolis, IN water heater installation with water heater repair. The average traditional water heater will last from 10 to 15 years, providing it has proper care and maintenance. If you are experiencing an issue before the decade mark in your water heater’s life, then a repair is typically a cost-effective solution. However, after that ten-year point, a replacement is likely to be a wise investment. In addition, it allows you to upgrade the capacity, get a more energy-efficient unit, or explore your options for a tankless water heater.

Going Tankless

When you need a water heater installation in Indianapolis, IN, going tankless could be a great way to save some money and enjoy endless hot water. These units only heat water when there is a demand for it, so they are far more cost-effective to operate. In addition, because they do not rely on a holding tank of hot water, you have an endless supply of it. As long as the faucet is open, the tankless water heater will continue to churn out hot water. Call (317) 751-2995 for a free estimate to install a tankless water heater in your home.

There is no question that your home cannot function without hot water. So at the first sign of trouble with your water heater, call the pros at JW’s Plumbing. When you call (317) 751-2995, know that you are in the trusted hands of a licensed plumber who is here to provide the community with cost-effective solutions to water heater issues and all their plumbing needs.