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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Drains After a Professional Cleaning

You have called a plumber who has carried out a professional cleanup on your drains. While these drains are now working perfectly, you fear that you will have to call the plumber again if things are not done differently.

Fortunately, there are several drain-maintenance tips you can rely on to prevent your drains from clogging after your local plumber has had a look at them and fixed areas of concern. Some of the tips are listed below.

1. Pour Hot Water Into the Drains Regularly

Hot water is a good example of a natural drain cleaner. Hot water melts down solidified grease and oil that have collected inside the drain and solidified. For the best results, pour hot water into your drains at least once every week.

2. Ensure Little to No Fats Get Into the Drains

Prevention is better than cure. One simple prevention method is to keep fats from getting into your drains in the first place. Once they enter your drains, fats solidify and can mix with food particles. They then accumulate to the point that they prevent water from passing through, thereby causing clogging. That said, the best way to handle fats is to pour them into a container and find a way to safely discard them.

3. Bathe Your Pets Outside

Pets shed more hair than us, especially during the molting season. Therefore, if you have a dog or a cat, be sure to bathe them outside. If you are not able to bathe your pets outside, be sure to use a drain catch. A drain catch is a simple, affordable way to prevent not only animal hair but also human hair from entering your drains and causing clogs.

4. Avoid Harsh Chemical-Packed Drain Cleaners

After your drains have undergone a professional cleanup, be sure to not use harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals will do more harm than good because they can corrode some parts of the drains, leading to costly repairs. Even worse, harsh chemicals can cause health complications to your family and even pets. It is recommended that you talk with your local plumber to recommend a suitable drain cleaner.

5. Arrange for Regular Drain Inspection

You should schedule a regular appointment with an experienced plumber so they can come over and check your drains to ensure everything is working as it should. It’s generally a good idea to have your drains inspected annually, but you may want to schedule more frequent inspections if your drains get a lot of use or if you suspect there’s an issue. Having a professional inspect your drains will prevent minor issues from becoming major problems that require costly repairs.

Once a plumber has carried out a professional cleanup on your drains, the next task is to ensure they stay unclogged for as long as possible. Keeping your drains unclogged and working smoothly helps prevent expensive problems. If you are still struggling with drains that keep clogging, call JW’s today for professional draining cleaning in Indianapolis, IN.