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5 Tips to Quickly Reduce Your Sewer Bill

Your water company sends you a bill based on your total water usage and other factors. If you look closely at the bill, you’ll notice that some charges relate to your sewer line. While a sharp increase is a sign of a leak, the bill can slowly rise over the next few months. Explore some of the different tips that will help you bring down the cost.

1. Avoid Running Water

Do you have a habit of letting the faucet run while you brush your teeth? This wastes dozens of gallons of water, all of which add to your sewer bill. Take the time to turn off the water when you don’t need it. Stop letting the water run while you wait for the shower to heat up or before you wash your hands, too.

2. Switch to Low Flow

Low-flow faucets are an easy way to save on your sewer bill. These faucets use less water but still ensure that you have as much as you need. They work great in showers that teens and kids use because they stop your children from wasting water. You can also install them in every bathroom or kitchen. If you don’t want to sacrifice your water pressure, try taking short showers.

3. Wash Full Loads

Every time you run the washer with a half load or put just a few dishes in your dishwasher, you waste water and add to your sewer bill. Always wait until you have a full load before running an appliance. You might find it helpful to wait until the weekend when you can separate clothes and wash multiple loads. It usually takes less water to run your dishwasher than it does to wash the same number of dishes by hand.

4. Reuse Water

You can reuse water, too. If you or anyone in your family leaves the faucet running, set out a bucket to collect it. Use that excess water to water your plants or flush the toilet. While it might add a few extra steps to your daily routine, it saves you a lot.

5. Check for Leaks

The best way to lower your sewer bill is with leak detection. Hire a local company to perform a water audit. They’ll look over your entire home and let you know where and how you waste water. With leak detection, a pro will find any water fixtures or features that leak, such as your toilet or sewer line. They can also repair and stop the leaks.

Even a minor leak around your home wastes a lot of water. It increases both your water and sewer bills. Luckily, you’ll find solutions that include checking for leaks, washing full loads, and reusing water. Get to the bottom of any issues you face with sewer line repairs when you call JW’s in Indianapolis, IN.