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5 Ways Commercial Plumbing Maintenance Benefits Your Business

Most business owners in Indianapolis, IN don’t spend much time thinking about their plumbing systems. However, a plumbing problem could require you to shut your doors, resulting in serious impacts on your bottom line. With regular plumbing maintenance, you can prevent nearly all plumbing issues. Let’s take a look at five key ways commercial plumbing maintenance could benefit your business.

1. Keep Customers Happy

If your business is open to the public, there’s a good chance that customers will need to use the washroom facilities. Keeping up with plumbing maintenance ensures that the fixtures will work properly. Plumbing maintenance also reduces the risk of a possible injury to visitors, such as a burn from scalding-hot water in the bathroom.

2. Build Employee Trust and Loyalty

Your employees will need to use the break room and bathroom plumbing on a regular basis. Depending on the industry in which you operate, your business might require the use of plumbing for routine workplace operations or employee safety. Making sure that everything is in good working order keeps your employees happy and makes them want to remain working for your company.

3. Avoid Costly Repairs

Foregoing maintenance could result in costly repairs in the short- or long-term future. It’s easier to replace a worn-out faucet aerator or toilet flushing mechanism than it is to remove an entire fixture and its plumbing. Investing a little bit in maintenance now could save you a lot of money later. This improves your cash flow and helps you avoid sudden, unexpected expenses.

4. Protect Your Investment

Routine plumbing maintenance prevents many potential catastrophes in your business. Tightening fixtures, checking for leaks, and verifying pressures and flow rates make it easier for you to protect your investment. Just one burst pipe could destroy thousands of dollars in equipment, inventory, and supplies in your business. A plumbing catastrophe could also cause considerable structural damage.

5. Prevent a Shutdown

A plumbing problem could require you to close your business until repairs can be made and inspected by Indianapolis building code and health department officials. For example, a sewage backup or burst pipe could require you to shut down operation for several days. Most businesses can’t afford to keep their doors closed or lose productivity from such an event. Scheduling regular maintenance for your commercial plumbing system could prevent a serious problem that necessitates a temporary closure of your company. At JW’s Plumbing, we offer convenient appointment times that don’t interfere with your routine operations.

Keeping up with routine plumbing maintenance helps you avoid unnecessary expenses, and it demonstrates that you’re prepared for the future. It also shows your employees, customers, guests, and business associates that you’re running an effective and efficient operation. For more information about the benefits of commercial plumbing maintenance, contact us at JW’s Plumbing today.