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6 Signs You Need Water Treatment Services

While water softeners and water filters are becoming increasingly common, they are still not considered “standard” appliances like dishwashers and washing machines.

Many household issues can be traced back to subpar water quality, and a water purification system can help. We’ll review six indications that your home could benefit from installing a water treatment system.

1. Your Water Is Cloudy

Whether or not your water requires treatment can be determined by looking at it. If your water is cloudy or has an off-color tint, it may contain impurities that need to be purified. Water that is safe to drink should be odorless and clear.

2. The Water Has an Odor

If your sink or shower emits an odor, something may be wrong. For instance, if your water has a sour smell, it may have a higher-than-normal hydrogen sulfide gas concentration.

This gas is often created by metabolizing harmless bacteria that decrease sulfates. Hydrogen sulfide gas isn’t harmful in and of itself, but it does reduce the standard of living for those who drink from the water source.

3. Your Plumbing Requires Frequent Maintenance

Problems with tap water quality can cause extensive damage to your home’s plumbing system. Poor water quality (particularly in copper and steel pipes) can cause frequent blockage and leaks. The surplus mineral deposits in hard water develop inside your pipes over time to decrease the water pressure in your home. To sum up, if you’re having plumbing problems, a water treatment system installation could be the answer.

4. Everyone in Your Household Is Frequently Sick

It only takes prolonged exposure to certain toxins in drinking water to get you and your loved ones sick. A water filtering system is crucial since many harmful pollutants have no discernible taste or smell.

You should take extra safety measures if your family includes a child, an older adult, or someone with a damaged immune system. Infected water may contain viruses. Diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, and vomiting are all signs of ailments caused by drinking contaminated water.

5. Water Is Too Expensive to Use

Untreated water should be suspected if your water bill has just spiked. The reasoning is elementary: when there are mineral buildups in your pipes and home appliances, your plumbing system has to work harder. Water treatment systems help a lot. They alleviate the stress of dealing with hard water and reduce costs.

6. Your Water Has a Bad Taste

It’s a tragedy if your water has a horrible flavor. Everyone is likely to know the taste of pure water. When you turn on your tap, remember water with a weird flavor likely contains pollutants. Water with a strong chlorine, metal, grass, or soil taste should be avoided.

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Water is essential for survival, but water quality has declined in several areas, unfortunately. It is necessary to contact a professional plumbing firm for your water treatment needs. Trusting the safety of tap water in households is becoming increasingly difficult. We aim to change that.

At JW’s Plumbing, we offer quality water treatment services around the Indianapolis, IN area, and we’d love to serve you.