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Plumbing Services In Thorntown, IN

When you need the help of a Thorntown, IN plumber quickly, the only name you need to know is JW’s Plumbing. Our family-owned and operated business has quickly become known as the one you can count on for fast and friendly service, great pricing, and only the highest quality workmanship. As our family and business have grown, we are now the proud parents of four children and a thriving full-service Thorntown, IN plumbing company; we are even more dedicated to serving all of the community’s plumbing needs.

Our staff understands that when you dial  (317) 751-2995, you probably need some expert advice, fast help with a toilet clog or water leak, or to schedule service to head off a minor issue that could become severe and costly. Therefore, we strive to respond to each customer call as quickly as possible and consistently deliver the highest level of customer care and attention to detail. In addition, we offer free estimates for all requests and a comprehensive warranty on all of our work, from repairs to new installations or renovations.

Some of our most requested services in the Thorntown, IN region include:

Professional Commercial Plumbing

Owning a commercial property in Thorntown, IN means that you need to be ready to handle any emergency that arises, including plumbing leaks, clogs, and water quality issues. The most cost-effective way for you to manage these types of problems is a call to the trusted team at JW’s Plumbing. Our team of commercial experts are licensed with years of experience with commercial plumbing systems throughout Indianapolis, so you can expect a quality professional to dispatch to your property any time there is a plumbing-related concern at your property.

We understand that these issues can create a significant hardship for your employees or tenants working in the building. So we do everything we can to get the problem corrected as quickly and affordably as possible when you call (317) 751-2995.

Quality Drain Cleaning

When you discover a sink, tub, or shower that is slow to clear, you must understand that is a warning sign of a clog forming inside the drain line. And unless you take fast action, that clog could result in a flood of dirty water or even raw sewage in your home. A call to (317) 751-2995 is the best way to eliminate those troublesome clogs with a professional drain cleaning.

At JW’s Plumbing, our drain cleaning experts use only pure water from a high-pressure jet to blast away clogs and the sticky residue that will form future clogs. This system has effectively removed tens of thousands of clogs over the years and is 100% safe for your drains, unlike chemical drain cleaners. And our water jet cleaning never leaves your home permeated with chemical fumes.

Water Heater Repairs

There is never a good time for a cold shower, especially during a cold Thorntown, IN winter. So when you discover that your home’s water heater is not working, call (317) 751-2995 for fast and affordable help. In many cases, our licensed plumbers can determine the issue and repair it for only a fraction of the cost of a new water heater installation. However, if the unit is old and temperamental, our pros are happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation price quote for a new water heater installation. Typically, we can have the new unit installed the same day to get your house back to normal.

New Home projects

When taking on a remodel or new construction project, it can be easy to get in over your head with plumbing changes, repiping, and fixture installations. Call the experts at JW’s Plumbing for a free price quote to avoid these issues that can destroy your timeline and budget. Let our team handle all the code compliance, permitting, and installation work for you so that you can focus on the finishes and details that will make your project a tremendous success. Call (317) 751-2995 for our best price on your plumbing project.

Water Quality Treatment

If you have concerns about the quality of your home’s water, call (317) 751-2995 immediately. Our team of water purity experts will test your water and explain the results to you in easy-to-understand terms. If we find hazardous contaminants in the water or it has a high mineral content, our team will explain your options for cost-effective water treatment or water softening.

Dealing With Your Sewer Line

Your home’s sewer line performs an essential job moving water and waste to the city sewer system. But when that line gets clogged or damaged, you could be facing a flood of sewage in your home. At the first sign of an issue with your home’s sewer line, call (317) 751-2995 for fast and cost-effective solutions. Our team will use a small camera to inspect the line for damage and blockages. Then we will provide you with a complete price quote for any necessary repairs.

When you need a professional plumber in Thorntown, IN, call (317) 751-2995. The JW’s Plumbing staff is here to help you with all your plumbing needs.