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Ways to Avoid Damage and Costly Sewer Line Repairs in the Summer

Landscaping during the summer is a natural extension of outdoor living, but it can be costly and damaging to your sewer line if you don’t take precautions. Before you begin any landscaping project, seeking professional advice can help ensure a beautiful landscape and a healthy sewer line. Proper planning and execution of your landscaping ideas will help you avoid unnecessary costs and repairs. Below are some tips and suggestions to keep in mind during the summer months.

1. Make a Barrier

Creating a barrier between tree roots and your sewer line can prevent damage to your sewer line. Several obstacles can be used to keep tree roots from damaging your sewer line. Chemicals, such as copper sulfate and potassium hydroxide, inhibit the growth of sources in the area treated. There are also absorbent and flexible barriers that can be installed around your sewer line. You can wrap copper mesh around the sewer line and then cover the mesh with stone or cement. Another type of flexible barrier is a “geotextile.” You can place a geotextile over the area to keep roots out of the ground and away from your sewer line.

2. Plant Trees With Limited Root Growth

Planting trees with limited root growth will help contain clogs and improve sewer flow. If you are building a new home, choose trees with no tap roots, such as spruce and pine. Select small trees that can be planted close together to control plant growth. For the best results, plant the tree in early spring so it has time to get established before the summer begins. Picking suitable trees is one of the most important ways to prevent sewer line damage.

3. Install PVC Pipes

PVC pipes are the most commonly used type of piping for on-lot sewer systems as they are more resistant to damage from lawnmowers and other yard maintenance equipment. They are also easier to install than clay pipes. PVC is less susceptible to cracking, warping, and other physical damage from the sun’s UV rays and extreme temperatures than clay pipes, too. If you have a new home or are remodeling, installing PVC piping for your on-lot sewer system is easy and cost-effective.

4. Regular Inspection and Maintenance

It’s a good idea to invest in a professional sewer line inspection, cleaning, and maintenance schedule. During these inspections, plumbers can see and fix any hidden issues or leaks in your line. We highly recommend that you seek professional help when it comes to inspecting and maintaining your sewer line.

Avoiding damage to your sewer line is essential. Identifying potential trouble spots and taking preventive measures will help you avoid costly repairs and replacements. Our plumbers are knowledgeable, experienced, and committed to keeping your sewer lines in good condition for many years to come. Indianapolis, IN residents in need of sewer line repair and replacement services can contact JW’s Plumbing Services to schedule an appointment with our qualified plumbers.