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Gas or steam leaking from an industrial pressure gauge. HD 3d Render.

What Should I Do During a Gas Leak?

Natural gas is a safe energy source used in many households for cooking and providing heat. However, it can also become dangerous if not carefully handled. Therefore, it is crucial that you help every member of your household know how to behave in case of a gas leak. The safety tips that our plumbers share here can help prevent a fire or natural gas poisoning.

Watch Out for the Signs of a Leak

Keeping your family safe begins with knowing the signs of a gas leak. The most common ones include the following:

• Rotten egg smell
• Air bubbles in water puddles
• Hissing sound from the pipes
• Dying plants
• Higher than usual gas bill
• Symptoms of natural gas poisoning

If you notice any of these, you should immediately vacate the premises and call us for a leak inspection and repair. Our extensive experience in gas leak detection and pipe repair will help you locate and fix the source.


If the leak is inside the home, you need to open all the doors and windows to allow more air into the house. This helps the natural gas exit the home and creates a safe environment for our plumbers. You can call 911 to report the problem or call us for emergency leak detection and repair. Avoid turning on or off lights or using cell phones and other battery-operated electronics where you suspect a gas leak. Doing so risks igniting a spark that could lead to a gas-related explosion.


After opening up the house, evacuate all people and pets to a safe distance so that everyone can get fresh air. Do not allow children near the building until you confirm that we have completed the work and the house is safe.

It’s essential to remember not to try to locate the leak or do DIY leak repair. Exposure to the gas may lead to serious health problems, and you may only get a temporary solution to the leak. Our leak detection services provide a thorough inspection to help us know whether there are multiple problems and the best solution for the matter.


Once our work is complete, we recommend installing precautionary gas leak detectors in your home. These gadgets alert you of early signs of a gas leak to help you evacuate and call for help early enough. You should also regularly check the gas appliances for changes in the pilot light or problematic operation. Contact our experts at JW’s for expert gas line leak repair in Indianapolis, IN.