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A person is trying to unclog the drain of a sink using plastic disposable snake auger tool which helps pull hair and soap debris from the sinkhole. Close up DIY home maintenance concept.

Why You Should Schedule Drain Cleaning in the Fall

The weather in Indianapolis, IN in the fall is absolutely perfect, and many consider it the best time to visit. However, you know that the harshness of winter is just around the corner. It is essential to keep your pipes and drains in the best condition possible before inclement weather hits. To ensure that you won’t be dealing with broken pipes or clogged drains this winter, schedule routine plumbing maintenance with JW’s Plumbing that includes drain cleaning this fall.

Drain Cleaning Removes Obstructions

Over time, grease and debris become lodged in your home’s plumbing, collecting against the sides of the pipes until they form an obstruction. When this occurs, wastewater can back up into your home, causing property damage and risking your family’s health. Regular drain cleaning removes the buildup before it becomes a complete obstruction and causes damage to your home.

Drain Cleaning Includes Pipe Inspection

While your drains are being cleaned, the plumber can inspect the pipes for any damage or issues that could lead to significant problems down the road. Regular inspection detects things like aging pipes, small cracks, and minor leaks early. Then, they can be repaired before they turn into expensive messes requiring a significant amount of time and money to resolve. If any issues are detected, our team will alert you to the problem and let you know your options for fixing it.

Drain Cleaning Improves Indoor Air Quality

The cooler weather of fall leads to having doors and windows closed more often than in the warmer months. When decaying food particles and chemical residues build up in your pipes, it can create noxious fumes. These harmful gases can flow from the drains into the home and contaminate the air.

A home’s plumbing system is designed to move bad smells away from the house. So, if you notice odors around your drains, you need to have them checked by a professional. Having your drains cleaned in the fall can prevent this unpleasant buildup.

Keeping It Clean

The drains in your home work hard every day and must be kept in top form to perform properly. Investing in routine maintenance and regular drain cleaning saves you both time and money in the long run. Issues can be repaired before they become major problems, and you won’t be worried about risks to your family’s health.

If you are looking for quality plumbing services at affordable rates from exceptional professionals, contact the team at JW’s Plumbing today! We are happy to provide you with more information about our drain cleaning services and other types of plumbing work we perform.