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Couple Using Bucket For Collecting Water Leakage From Ceiling

5 Plumbing-related Mistakes That Homeowners Make

Typically, it’s much better to call trained professionals to repair your plumbing instead of trying to fix it yourself. Ignoring or putting a “bandage” on the issue more often intensifies the problem, resulting in more expense. Here are five particularly problematic things people do that make a plumber’s work more challenging.

1. Using Corrosive Commercial Drain Products

Some commercial drain-clearing products can be effective for minor clogs caused by typical issues such as hair and soap build-up. Way too often, however, these chemicals do not succeed in clearing the clog but instead linger long enough to cause corrosion to the pipes instead. Ultimately, a professional will need to clear the clog and repair any damage that the chemicals have caused to your plumbing.

2. Putting Things in Toilets and Drains That Don’t Belong There

Whether it’s flushing sanitary products down toilets or pouring liquid grease down the kitchen drain, we’ve all likely made this common mistake at least once. Even marketed “flushable” wipes are often not the degradable quality they’re advertised to be. These items tend to snag and cause issues before they even begin to disintegrate, leading to clogs and water backup that must be addressed by a local plumber

3. Not Knowing the Location of Shut-off Valves and Outdoor Water Meter Locations

It is absolutely key to be aware of your water valve locations to avoid flooding and even dangerous electrical issues in case you encounter a plumbing emergency. When you have a burst pipe, knowing where your main water valve is can help prevent serious property damage. You also want to know where all outdoor spigots and exposed pipes are so that you can protect them when Indianapolis experiences below-freezing winter temperatures.

4. Ignoring Plumbing Maintenance in Your Home

Like other home systems and appliances, it’s very important to keep up with regular plumbing maintenance, but many people neglect it. For example, many people do not pay much attention to their hot water heaters until there is a problem. Remember that this giant “boiler pot” needs periodic attention, with the recommended replacement period being 10 years. Water has metallic elements in it and the residues left tend to build up. If the hot water heater is ignored until it has a major breakdown, this can cause serious damage to the rest of the house.

5. Ignoring Obvious Signs and Indications That There Is a Problem

A perpetually dripping faucet, a running toilet wasting gallons of water, and water-stained ceilings or floors are all signs that you have a plumbing issue. While some people are tempted to ignore these problems, doing so can lead to serious frustration and high repair bills. Regardless of how small you think the problem is, it’s important to contact a professional plumber at the first sign of an issue. They can find the source of the problem and provide a timely repair so that you don’t have to deal with a major headache.

Don’t Be a Hero

Plumbing systems are complicated and not something you should attempt to fix without the proper training and experience. At JW’s Plumbing, we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations with a full range of plumbing services. Instead of ignoring plumbing problems or making any of the other mistakes listed above, reach out to our team for professional help today.