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Consider Your Home’s Plumbing Before You Remodel

Summers in Indianapolis, IN are hot and long, and this warm weather gives you ample time to remodel your home. Remodeling your home is exciting, and it provides an opportunity for you to transform a mundane living space into your dream house. While you’re planning your remodeling project, you not only must consider the materials, the budget and the plans for remodeling, but you must also consider your homes plumbing system. You must determine if your home’s plumbing system can support the demands of your new upgrades and whether you will need new plumbing fixtures.

Check Whether Your Plumbing System Can Handle the New Upgrades

If you are going to be making renovations to your home that do not contain any sort of plumbing, then you won’t have to worry much about your plumbing system as it will not be impacted. If you will be making renovations that include plumbing, however, such as remodeling a bathroom or adding another bathroom, then you need to consider whether your home’s plumbing system will be able to keep up with the new demands. If your plumbing system is old, chances are that your pipes will need to be upgraded before these enhancements to your home can be made.

Additionally, if your home contains pipes made from lead or polybutylene, then all these pipes must be removed and replaced before you can engage in any remodeling project. Pipes constructed from lead are a serious health hazard as even a small amount of lead in water can cause a wide array of health problems. In addition, pipes constructed from polybutylene are risky as they are fragile and can fracture without warning, leaving you with a serious plumbing disaster. One of our licensed plumbers will be able to advise you on whether you need to make any updates to your plumbing system before you can remodel.

Determine Whether You Need New Plumbing Fixtures

Depending on the type of home remodeling project you’re taking on, plumbing fixtures may be needed. If you determine that you will need additional plumbing fixtures, there are some things you must consider. You must think about the features you want your plumbing fixtures to have. For instance, you may want your kitchen faucet to be touchless, so you don’t have to use a knob or handle to turn on the water. You may want your bathtub to contain jets, so you can relax after an exhausting day of work. If you find it difficult to choose which plumbing fixtures to include in your remodeling project, consult with a licensed plumber for suggestions.

If you’re planning to do some home remodeling this year that includes your home’s plumbing, contact JWS Plumbing Services LLC. You can trust us with your next remodeling project.