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Plumbing Tips to Help Make Your Remodel Go More Smoothly

Remodeling can transform your Indianapolis area home and increase its resale value, especially when you update your kitchen or bathroom. However, in areas where plumbing is involved, homeowners need to take care that they secure the services of a reputable plumber and ensure that any changes or installations are performed correctly. Because most of your home’s plumbing hides behind walls, any renovation that involves opening walls and changing plumbing fixtures can become fraught with problems and delays. Consider these tips when embarking on an extensive remodeling project.

Have a Licensed Plumber Inspect Your Plumbing System

Having a licensed professional thoroughly inspect your system before work begins can save you a lot of headaches by spotting minor issues before they turn into full-blown problems. Issues like low water pressure could have several different causes. Older water supply lines and sewer lines running to and from your home should be inspected to ensure that any new connections inside your home will be compatible.

Do Your Pipes Need Replacement?

No piping system lasts forever, and the older your water pipes are, the more likely it is you’ll need to replace them, especially if they are made of galvanized steel. Galvanized pipes are prone to corrosion and sediment build-up, narrowing the flow of water to your entire home. Older lines are also more likely to crack and spring leaks. Replacing your pipes when you remodel can prevent headaches and extra expense later since you won’t have to open walls again.

Plan for Surprises

Almost no renovation project goes as planned. Your contractor could encounter an unexpected difficulty, which sometimes involves plumbing issues. Problems like slow leaks can develop deep inside walls and require repairs. In other instances, poor original work or strange configurations may require rerouting supply lines to new bathroom or kitchen fixtures. Have a contingency plan in place, and budget at least 10% more to cover unexpected costs associated with surprises.

Minimize Costs by Not Moving Pipes

Unless your kitchen or bathroom has a dysfunctional layout, consider keeping fixtures in the same spot to keep costs down. Moving tubs, showers, sinks, etc., will require new piping and add to your overall expenses. However, when adding new fixtures to your home, it may be impossible to avoid pipe relocation.

Have a Certified Plumber Check Measurements

Always have a certified plumber check all plumbing measurements when working with a general contractor. Double-checking measurements will make the project progress faster and result in less waste from improperly cut or welded material.

Rely on Plumbing Remodeling Experts

For years, our licensed plumbers at JW’s Plumbing Services have assisted the people of Indianapolis, and we aim for 100% satisfaction on every assignment. Whether you have an upcoming home remodeling project, a plumbing emergency, or anything in between, we’re here to help. Contact us at JW’s Plumbing Services today for a consultation.