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Signs Of A Plumbing Leak Every Homeowner Should Know

We have all heard stories about the homeowner who had no idea that they had a water leak in their home. You might think that these are all made-up stories to get free publicity for a plumbing repair company. But it is essential to understand that not all plumbing leaks notify you of their presence in your home by creating a puddle in the middle of the living room floor. Some leaks are bold and impossible to miss, while others are more subtle and even hidden deep inside the walls or floors of your home. So now that you are worried about such a sly leak and how to recognize the less blatant calling cards of these elusive leaks.

Did You Hear That?

It might only be very late at night or early in the morning when your house is totally quiet. But during those times, you can often hear some telltale signs of a water leak that is hidden in the walls of your home. That faint dripping sound or a slight hissing are indications of a water leak. The water will drip and pool somewhere, even inside your walls. And that odd hissing sound could be water shooting out of a tiny crack in a water line inside the wall or floor of your house. Never ignore these gentle hints. Call a licensed plumber to locate and repair any hidden leaks in your home before the damage becomes very expensive to repair.  

This Can’t Be My Water Bill!

If you feel you have gotten the water bill belonging to a local commercial property, don’t assume that it is a clerical error. In many cases, that skyrocketing water bill tells you that there is a significant water leak somewhere. In most cases, these massive leaks are outside in the yard or under the slab foundation of your house. The major worry is that the leak is under the house and washing away the soil and rock supporting your foundation. This is the only place you could have a large water leak and not see any moisture inside your home. But the bad news is that it could be damaging the foundation and structural support of your house. Call a plumber immediately to determine if there is a massive leak hidden somewhere that holds the potential to destroy your home.

A Drop In Water Pressure

Over the years, you might notice a slight drop in the water pressure in your home. That is not unusual. It could result from mineral build-up inside the water lines or a decrease in the city water pressure. But if the pressure has dropped noticeably in a short period of time, the culprit is usually a water leak. For example, many homeowners notice that it takes longer to fill a glass or pot than it used to. And when they call a local plumber, the discovery is a dramatic loss of water pressure because of a leak. If not located and corrected quickly, the leak could promote toxic mold growth, allow contamination to enter your water lines, and cause substantial and costly water damage to your house.

When you notice any of these somewhat subtle signs of a water leak, call (317) 751-2995 immediately. The JW’s Plumbing team is available 24/7 to assist you in locating any water leak that could be risking the safety of your home. Our team will arrive quickly and find even the smallest leak hidden in or under your home. Then we will provide you with cost-effective repair solutions to fit any budget. And as with all of our work, leak repairs are backed by a full warranty.