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The Warning Signs Of A Sewer Line Problem

The sewer line for your Indianapolis home is the single pipe that connects all your home’s drains to the municipal sewer system. So if there is a problem with that pipe, you could be facing a horrendous mess of raw sewage backing up into your home. However, when you know the early warning signs of sewer line issues, you can make that fast call to your licensed plumber for a repair before there is a catastrophe. But timing is critical. Never overlook any of the following signs of sewer line complications, or you could be looking for a bucket and mop very soon.

Slow Clearing Drains

You might overlook a single slow to clear sink as a slight clog that you will address with baking soda and a cup of vinegar. After a few minutes and a blast of hot water, the clog is likely to be gone. However, when all of your sinks, tubs, and shower are slow to clear, something bigger is brewing. There is no real explanation for all the drains to be slow except a clogged sewer line. And unless you have that issue professionally corrected, there will be a flood in your home very soon.

Foul Odor In Your Home

When you notice a terrible odor in your home, it is natural to follow your nose. It will take you to the source of the stench so that you can take care of whatever is causing the problem. If that smell is coming from under a sink in the kitchen or bathroom, or from another drain, the issue is related to sewer line gas. And while the smell is awful, there is more to be concerned about. The gases created in the sewer system are toxic and should never be leaking into your home. Call a licensed plumber as soon as you discover this awful odor. They will locate the damaged pipe or fitting that is allowing the gas to permeate your home.

Mold And Mildew

When you have a cracked drain or sewer line, you could experience an invasion of mold along with that rotten odor. The reason for the uptick in mold growth is the added moisture coming from the sewer line. As a result, you could begin to notice mold growing on walls, floors, ceilings, or other surfaces that were never prone to mold growth in the past. Therefore, it is essential that you have the leak located to eliminate the problem and get the mold, mildew, and bacteria contamination under control quickly.

Backups And Blockages

If you are constantly battling clogged toilets, the issue is likely deep in your home’s sewer line. While the problem could be in the mechanical parts of the toilet, you can be sure it is the sewer line if multiple toilets in your home are presenting the same issues. A call to your licensed plumber for help is the smart choice. Nothing is worse than a flood of sewage in your home.

Old Age

Old age catches up with everyone and everything. If your home is over 50 and still using the original sewer line, you should consider a proactive replacement. Typically, these lines begin to show signs of wear and tear at around 40 to 45 years old. And their reliability goes downhill from there. Contact your plumbing pro for a price quote for a trenchless sewer line replacement to avoid a huge mess and expensive cleanup bill

Call (317) 751-2995 at the first indication of any sewer line trouble to avert a more costly issue in the future. The JW’s Plumbing team has decades of experience correcting all sewer line issues.