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What To Do When There Are Dark Specks In Your Water

Most residents in the Indianapolis area assume that their water will always be safe to drink because it comes from a public water supply. So when they turn on a faucet to fill a glass or pot and see dark specks contaminating the water, they are shocked and more than a little bit concerned. Sadly, we have all seen stories online or on the news of a city with deplorable water quality. But we never expect those terrible things to happen in our own community. So you never give a thought to how you would react if you had a water quality issue. The one thing that you need to remember should you ever be in this situation is that fast action is essential. Calling a professional plumber to investigate your water contamination is a must.

Potential Causes Of Contamination In Your Water

When you see dark flecks in your water, it is easy to think the worst. There must be some awful toxic material leaking into the city water supply. However, there are many different things that could be causing the flecks in your water. Sure, you need to have the issue investigated. But try not to panic. Instead, call (317) 751-2995 for an inspection by the licensed plumbers at JW’s Plumbing. In most cases, the particulates are due to one of the three somewhat common issues listed below.

  • Pipe Corrosion – As the water lines in your home age, they begin to deteriorate. And eventually, you will start to notice dark flakes that are coming from the inside of the water lines. Some of the particulates are mineral flakes, while others are tiny flecks of metal from the pipe. The only solution for old water lines that are breaking down is repiping. However, this will also eliminate another issue common to old water lines, constant leaks. Replacing the old pipes will assure you of healthy, safe water to consume and no hidden water leaks damaging your home.
  • Corroded Or Contaminated Water Heater – The other component that could be old and breaking down to contaminate your water is the water heater. This is typical when you are only noticing the flakes and contamination in your home’s hot water. If you have never drained and flushed the holding tank on your water heater, there is a good chance that the mineral sediment has destroyed the inner lining of the holding tank and is now corroding the metal casing. But if you drain the tank annually, try draining and flushing to eliminate the flakes. If that does not eliminate the flakes, then the entire unit could need to be replaced.
  • Broken Parts – If the flakes in your water only appeared for a short time and have disappeared, the issue could be as simple as a broken washer or O-ring. The dark flecks are the rubber from the component that was broken and settled inside the waterline. Replacing old washers and O-rings regularly is the best way to prevent future particulates and leaks from the damaged seals.

It is nearly impossible for a homeowner to examine all of the plumbing components in their home to discover which is to blame for dark specks in the water supply. For a reliable assessment and repair solutions for any issues, call (317) 751-2995. The experts at JW’s Plumbing have years of experience assisting the Indianapolis community with all their water quality and plumbing needs. We always provide you with free price quotes for any repair or installation projects. And any project that you hire our team to complete is backed by a full parts and labor warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee.