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Top Plumbing Fixtures to Replace Before Selling Your Home

If you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, you may want to perform some upgrades to increase its market value in order to make it more enticing for potential buyers. One thing that you can do is upgrade some of the plumbing fixtures. Below are the top plumbing fixtures you should upgrade […]

Upgrading Your Plumbing: 5 Benefits of Repiping Your Home

Both plastic and metal pipes last for decades. Many Indiana homeowners don’t replace their plumbing until they sell the house. However, you may want to enjoy some of the advantages while you’re still living there. Here are five benefits of repiping your home. 1. Prevent Leaks You’d be amazed how much damage small pinhole leaks […]

Top Ways to Protect Your Home From Frozen Pipes

With the temperatures dropping, it’s time to start thinking about winterizing your home. When preparing for the threats the winter season can present to your home, frozen pipes are among the most damaging and costly problems to consider. To help you take care of your plumbing and protect your home or commercial property, we’ve put […]

3 Costly DIY Plumbing Mistakes

When many homeowners in Indianapolis discover a plumbing issue in their homes, they are fast to grab a few tools and take on the challenge of making the repair on their own rather than calling a licensed plumber. While taking the initiative to fix the problem is admirable, it is equally vital that you know […]

What To Do When There Are Dark Specks In Your Water

Most residents in the Indianapolis area assume that their water will always be safe to drink because it comes from a public water supply. So when they turn on a faucet to fill a glass or pot and see dark specks contaminating the water, they are shocked and more than a little bit concerned. Sadly, […]

The Warning Signs Of A Sewer Line Problem

The sewer line for your Indianapolis home is the single pipe that connects all your home’s drains to the municipal sewer system. So if there is a problem with that pipe, you could be facing a horrendous mess of raw sewage backing up into your home. However, when you know the early warning signs of […]

Signs Of A Plumbing Leak Every Homeowner Should Know

We have all heard stories about the homeowner who had no idea that they had a water leak in their home. You might think that these are all made-up stories to get free publicity for a plumbing repair company. But it is essential to understand that not all plumbing leaks notify you of their presence […]